Dialix v-10 for dogs 45 tablets

Urinary incontinence, Prostatic hyperplasia in dogs

Urinary incontinence. Prostatic hyperplasia
• Helps to conserve the muscle tone of the bladder, how it empties, and normal and healthy function overall. It is recommended for sterilised females, and older animals to minimise urinary incontinence.
• Also recommended for benign prostatic conditions to reduce inflammation and the oedema.

DIALIX® Properties:
- Phytoestrogens (Glycine max y Dioscorea villosa) increase the muscle tone of the bladder and the sphincter
- Renal protection: Rehmannia glutinosa.
- Antibacterial Olea europea.
- Anti-inflammatory in the Bladder: Zea mays.
- Anti-inflammatory and anti-congestive in the Prostate: Serenoa repens and Cucurbita pepo.
- Diuretic (stimulates the complete emptying of the bladder): Zea mays, Rehmannia glutinosa and Vitamin B6.

DIALIX® Presentation:
Dialix® V-10 45 tablets (30 days for a 15 kg dog).

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