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Savorial palatable paste for cats 20 g

Palatable paste to remove hairballs in cats



Savorial facilitates the elimination of ingested hair and prevents their accumulation by improving digestion and encouraging a proper assimilation of the ration.
Savorial is recommended when the cat has digestive problems caused by the ingestion of hair: vomiting, dry cough, constipation.

The ingredients in the formula Savorial make it very appetizing.


Oral paste.

• Ingredients: malt extract, fats and oils, petrolatum, colorants, antioxidants and preservatives: EC additives. Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol 91%): 35 mg

• Average analysis: Crude Protein: 2% Crude fat 40% Crude fiber 0.1% Crude ash: 1%

How to use

Give 3 cm ribbon of paste for 5 kg body weight for three days when your cat has a symptom related to the presence of intestinal hairballs, and twice a week for preventing recurrence.

Savorial needs to be administered directly on the tongue, mixed with the food or on the front legs so that the cat can lick the paste.

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