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Clunia maintenance zna gel for cats and dogs 59 ml

Oral and dental hygiene, reduces plaque formation, neutralizes bad breath and favors the resolution of gingivitis in dogs and cats

Maintenance Clunia Gel Zn.

Oral and dental Hygiene for dogs and cats

Full protection: plaque, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis and halitosis.
Reduces plaque formation.
Antiseptic against periodontal pathogens.
Clunia Gel Zn favors the resolution of gingivitis.
Clunia Gel Zn promotes healing of injured or ulcerated gums and mucous.
Clunia Gel Zn quickly (30 seconds) neutralizes bad breath.
Natural (Zinc, Vitamin C and taurine) and very safe - Ideal for prolonged treatment in which the animal ingests the product.
Tasteless - High acceptance.
Does not stain tooth enamel.
Does not stain fabrics and household surfaces.
Low daily cost.
Available exclusively through veterinarians.

Clunia Gel Zn Composition:

Zinc Gluconate 2%
Taurine: 0.5%

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