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Seraquin nutritional supplement for cats and dogs 60 tablets

Nutritional supplement to help cats and dogs maintain healthy joints and to maintain the structure of the cartilage

How do I give Seraquin to my dog?

Most dogs love Seraquin chewable tablets which makes life easy.
You can give them as a treat or crush them onto their normal food.
The number of tablets that you should give your dog depends on their weight.
Your vet will advise you on this.

How long will Seraquin take to work?

Seraquin is designed to support the natural functioning of joints and takes time to build up in the system.
We recommend 4–6 weeks at the starting level and then the number of tablets can be gradually reduced on the advice of your vet.

How long should I give Seraquin to my dog?

Seraquin can form part of your dog’s diet for the rest of his/her life.

Where can I buy Seraquin?

Seraquin is available from your veterinary practice.
Your vet or vet nurse will be happy to explain any questions you may have about the product.

Years of active life can take it’s toll
Playing fetch, riding in the car and long walks are just some of the activities that you and your dog might enjoy together.
It’s natural as your dog gets older for wear and tear to occur, which can lead to discomfort and mobility problems.

Signs that could indicate possible problems

Because you know your dog best, you are well placed to keep an eye out for the following signs:
Difficulty in jumping into car/chair or climbing stairs
Limping or stiffness
Reluctance to walk or play
Change in grooming habits e.g. licking at joints
Change in temperament e.g. increased anxiety or less tolerant with children and/or other dogs

If you have noticed any of these changes in your dog, it is worth consulting your veterinary surgeon for advice

How can Seraquin help?

Seraquin is a joint supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
These ingredients occur naturally in the body, as part of the makeup of cartilage.

What makes Seraquin special is the inclusion of curcuminoids, which are potent natural antioxidants.
This ingredient may help mop up free radicals in the joint which contribute to degeneration of the cartilage.

Seraquin can be given alongside any prescription medicines that your vet may recommend to help, for example, in the control of pain and infl ammation.

Dogs love Seraquin

Most dogs love Seraquin and will take the chewable tablet straight from your hand ‘as a treat’.
A few dogs won’t spontaneously eat Seraquin from the hand, but will take it eat Seraquin from the hand, but will take it in food.
The amount of Seraquin that you in food.
The amount of Seraquin that you give will depend on your dog’s weight and give will depend on your dog’s weight and the advice of your veterinary surgeon.

2-3 weeks

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