Pyospot spot-on solution for dogs between 0 and 10 kg 4 pipettes

Purifying spot-on for a better control of skin infections in dogs


Purifying spot-on for a better control of skin infections

PYOspot® is the 1st spot-on product with a formula specially intended for purifying the skin of dogs who are subjected to recurrent periods of skin infection. Thanks to its 100% natural active ingredients and in particular the innovation PhytoC-2®; a unique vegetable extract, PYOspot® restores the balance of the cutaneous flora and soothes the skin, by reinforcing the skin barrier, hence maintaining a good level of hydration.

Directions for use

Specific areas:

Apply all of the PYOspot® on several spots, in or near the affected areas, directly on the skin. Do not apply it directly on lesions.

General situation:

Apply between the shoulders on 1 or 2 spots, one pipette per week, as long as necessary, for several consecutive months.

Do not massage; a bio-diffusing agent will allow a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the body of the animal.

It is recommended not to bathe or wash the animal during the 2 days before and the 2 days following the application.

No incompatibility in case of a combined use with any of the other «spot-on» products.


The efficacy of PYOspot® is based on various plant extracts: PhytoC-2®, ajowan and neem, combined with vegetable oils; tamanu and hemp; rich in essential fatty acids (? 3 and 6) and a synergy of essential oils: lavandin, lemon eucalyptus, palmarosa and savory.


An innovative approach to enhance the control of skin infections, complementary to antimicrobial treatments.

For areas that are more difficult to reach, such as folds and interdigital spaces, it is recommended to use PYOclean® Wipes as cleaner and as a product for localised skin care.


The efficacy of PYOspot® has been proven thanks to a clinically study that has been carried out under veterinary supervision:

In 88% of the cases, the frequency of relapse has decreased
In 88% of the cases, the quantity of medicines that was used has decreased

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