Epi-otic ear cleanser for cats and dogs 125 ml

Ear cleanser for cats and dogs


Species :
Cats, Dogs

Ranges :

Epi-Otic picture

Ear cleanser for cats and dogs.

Cleansing: contains sodium docusate, which cleans the ear and salicyclic acid which breaks down any debris
Drying: sodium docusate helps dry the ear after swimming or cleaning

Antibacterial: contains PCMX & EDTA work together to disrupt the outer membrane of Gram negative bacteria, otherwise resistant to antimicrobial killing

Soothing: contains monosaccharides that have soothing properties, and also act as an anti-adhesive formula that helps prevent bacterial colonisation

Non-irritant: neutral pH similar to the canine ear, aqueous based and without any added fragrance
No retro-contamination: short nozzle prevents re-seeding of infection
Available in single 125 ml and 60 ml bottles

Shake well before use. Turn the white nozzle to open the bottle and then apply to the ear canal. Gently masage the base of the ear and then wipe the interior of the ear with a swab moistened with Epi-otic

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