Anti-stress oral solution for birds 20 ml

Natural stress relief product for birds

Tabernil anti-stress
Oral solution

Ingredients: Oils and fats. Contains mentone, thymol and cariophilens of natural origin. Additives (composition per ml): Vitamin A 400 IU
Vitamina C 3 mg.
With CE antioxidants and colorants.

TABERNIL ANTI-STRESS is a natural product to be used in first election in stressful situations. The qualities of the product's components enable it to stimulate the natural response of the animals against external aggressions, thus its use collaborates efficiently in maintaining a good health of the birds, with a clear reflex in the aspect of the feathers. The presence of essential oils and vitamins in its composition, with analgesic and mucosa protecting qualities, collaborates in accelerating the recovery after clinical processes. Antibacterial actions have been described for the essential oils included in TABERNIL ANTI-STRESS, with which they collaborate in the control of possible opportunistic colonization of the digestive system of the birds, associated to the stressful situations. Plus we must add the antioxidating action of the product that complements the other properties.

Complementary feed that can be administrated in any phase of the animal's life, and very specially in those periods in which the probability of stressful situation may increase, such as overcrowding, cage changes, new birds introduction, loss of partners, transport, animals submitted to poor or non-balanced diets, sudden climate changes, animal manipulation and many other situations that can appear within ornamental birds, that in some way might break or change the bird's habitat equilibrium.

TARGET SPECIES: Ornamental birds (canaries, diamonds, budgerigar, parrots ...).

4-5 ml/litre of drinking water, equivalent to 6-8 drops per 40 ml of water during 4-5 consecutive days.
In period of higher demand: 8-10 ml/litre of drinking water, equivalent to 12-16 drops per 40 ml of water during 5 consecutive days.

Commercial presentation: 20 ml bottle.

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