Advance dental care stick 180 g for dogs 7 sticks

Helps remove food particles, stop the formation of plaque and reduce the formation of tartar in dogs

Advance Dental Care stick  


Tartar build-up, gingivitis or bad breath that can lead to tooth loss.

Advance Dental Care stick breaks the tartar cycle at three key points.

This snack is compatible with a complete diet when administered occasionally.


Mechanical action:

Helps remove food particles, thanks to its unique shape that causes a greater mechanical impact on the teeth and 40% greater chewing time.


Helps stop the formation of plaque, thanks to its exclusive bacteriostatic active ingredient.

With pyrophosphates:

Helps reduce the formation of tartar through pyrophosphates that act against its mineralization.

Contraindications Advance Dental Care stick:

None reported


Vegetable-Based By-Products
Meats And Animal By-Products
Mineral Substances (Including 1% Tetrasodium Diphosphate)
Oils And Fats.

Average analysis:

Protein 8%
Fat content 3%
Gross fiber 1.5%
Inorganic matter 3%
Humidity 25%
Ascorbyl monophosphate calcium sodium salt 1,200 mg

Theoretical metabolizable Energy 2635 kcal/kg

Formats Advance Dental Care stick 

Bag of 51 g: 2 sticks. 
Bag of 180 g: 7 sticks.
Multipack of 4 x 180 g: 28 sticks.

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