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Boehringer Ingelheim
Quentan 3 mg solution for injection for cattle, horses and pigs, dogs and cats 50 ml

Treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract that occur with an increase in the production of mucus and / or its viscosity in pigs, cattle, horses, dogs and cats

This drug is unauthorized in certain countries

QUENTAN Injectable Solution

Composition per ml:

Bromhexine hydrochloride 3 mg.

Pharmacological Properties:

General characteristics:

Mucolytic expectorant.

QUENTAN pharmacodynamic characteristics:

It diminishes the viscosity and causes the fluidification of the secretions of the respiratory epithelium by producing hydrolysis and dissolution of the acidic mucopolysaccharide fibers. In this way, secretion is easily eliminated.

Pharmacokinetic properties:

It is well absorbed after parenteral administration. Therapeutic plasma concentrations are obtained approximately 15 minutes after intramuscular administration in all species. The main route of excretion is the urinary tract.

Indications and target species QUENTAN:

Pigs, Cattle and Equine:

Bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia and tracheobronchitis.

Dogs and Cats: Bronchitis, pneumonia and tracheobronchitis. Contraindications Pulmonary edema.

Route of administration QUENTAN:




Piglets: 2-3 ml / piglet / day.

Pigs fattening: 5-15 ml / pig / day. Adults: 15-30 ml / animal / day.


Calves: 8-30 ml / calf / day.

Adults: 25-30 ml / animal / day.


Colts: 8-30 ml / colt / day.

Adults: 25-30 ml / animal / day.

Dogs: 2-5 ml / dog / day.

Cats: 1-2 ml / cat / day.

Special Precautions:

• In respiratory diseases of bacterial origin administer together with antibacterials and / or sulfamides.

• In cases of verminous bronchitis, administer 3 days after the use of an anthelmintic.

Wait time:

Meat: 0 days.

• Do not administer to horses whose meat is intended for human consumption.

Milk: Do not use.

• Do not administer to cattle whose milk is destined for human consumption.


Keep in a cool place (8-25 ° C), dry and protected from light.


Veterinary use. Medicine subject to a veterinary prescription.

Presentation Bottle with 50 ml.

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