Cleanaural cat a ph balanced routine ear cleaner for cats 50 ml

For the removal of moderate ear wax and debris where the ear drum is intact in cats

CleanAural® Cat

A pH balanced routine ear cleaner. For the removal of moderate ear wax and debris where the ear drum is intact. Specially formulated to suit the delicate lining of the cat ear canal.

Contains: Glycerine, propylene glycol, water, polysorbate 80, chlorothymol, sodium stearate, sodium lauryl sulphate, citric acid

Pack sizes: 50 ml

CleanAural How to use

An ear with a build-up of excessive wax and debris in the upper part of the vertical canal will benefit from the application of an ear cleaner.
The cleaning process for dog’s ears is the same for cats’ ears

Holding your pet’s head firmly, gently pull the ear flap up to open the ear canal.

Carefully insert the nozzle into the upper part of the ear canal. Ensure there is a gap between the nozzle and the ear canal before gently squeezing a liberal amount of solution into the ear.

Massage the ear canal gently but thoroughly,working from the base upwards.

Allow your pet to shake excess solution from the ear, then gently wipe away loosened wax and debris around the top of the ear, with cotton wool or similar.
Do not poke anything down the ear canal – particularly cotton buds – as this may cause damage.

Inspect the ear, and repeat if necessary.

Clean the other ear.

Your pet will benefit from the use of CleanAural ear cleaner because it is:

• Formulated separately for cats or dogs
• pH balanced for compatibility with the skin of the ear
• Easy to use with a soft, flexible nozzle
• Ideal for regular use at home
Also available as Sensitive for dogs, containing Chamomile extracts and Yucca Vera to calm and soothe sensitive ears

Do not use if the eardrum is ruptured.

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