Ermidra spray for cats and dogs 300 ml

Rehydrating Spray for skin and soat. Ermidra Spray is ideal for dogs, cats and all pets that need skin moisturising

Ermidra Spray

Rehydrating Spray for Skin and Coat. Ermidrà® Spray is ideal for dogs, cats and all pets that need skin moisturising.

Ermidra Composition

Zinc Gluconate normalises skin condition.
Epilobium angustifolium extract, rich in astringent tannins, is known for its soothing, emollient and antibacterial properties.
D-panthenol has an elasticising function and normalises the water content in skin and hair. It is found in all tissues and acts as a moisturizer on hair and skin. It enhances elasticity and helps to improve the structure of hair, giving long-lasting protection against dryness.
Cyclodextrins: stabilizers and emulsifiers.
Liposomes are moisturising micro-capsules that penetrate the deeper skin layers.
Propylene glycol has a moisturising and keratolytic action.
Glycerine has a moisturising and softening action.

Ermidra Uses

after treatment for dry skin conditions.
after treatment of atopic pets.
in all situations of skin dryness (during the summer, or when confined to closed heated environments).
after all types of shampooing, as helps to restore skin condition.
to soothe itchy or red skin.

How to use Ermidra

Shake well before use.
Apply the product abundantly over the entire coat until skin is damp. In the case of animals with a thick or long coat, spray against the hair.
Do not rinse or dry.
Use Ermidrà® spray several times during the day.

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