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The specialist in animal dermo-care from France. Exclusive to veterinary clinics. 
Dermoscent offers high quality dermo-care for the skin and hair of dogs, cats and horses based on several strong principles: ease of use, proven efficacy and 100% natural active ingredients.
The range of Dermoscent products provides innovative and efficient solutions to veterinarians to enhance the skin health and wellbeing of animals and, hence, respond to the expectations of pet owners.
Among Dermoscent's treatments, Essential 6, simple and efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances and their consequences in dogs or Pyoclean, Purifying cleanser for a better control of skin infections in dogs

Laboratoire de Dermo-Cosmétique Animale (LDCA)
Technopôle Castres Mazamet
ZA Le Causse
81100 Castres