1. Within seven working days from the day following the date of confirmation of the order, the consumer has the right to cancel his purchase at no cost on condition that he informs the seller by registered letter. Any clause by which the consumer might waive this right is void. It shall be sufficient if the notice is dispatched before the end of such period.
En cas de renonciation, les arrhes que l'acheteur aura versés lui seront remboursés dans les dix jours, Any opening or alteration of the security packaging that entirely or partially covers the product prevents the consumer from cancelling his purchase from that moment on.
In case of cancellation, any deposit paid by the buyer will be reimbursed within ten days, either to the account number that he should indicate in his registered letter of notice, or directly to the credit card used for purchase.
The seller shall only be bound by a written acceptance of the order.

2. It shall be considered that the goods are issued on the seller's premises; in case of delivery, the goods are transported at the risk and peril of the buyer. In any event, the transfer of risk occurs at the time of issue.

3. Date of delivery within seven working days after payment. The stated delivery time is essentially indicative. However, if the goods are not delivered within a period of time that exceeds 150% of the delivery time stated in the purchase order, the buyer can request the cancellation of the sale.

4. All risks to which the goods sold are exposed upon issue shall be borne by the buyer who alone is liable for damages resulting from the use of goods sold, including possible accidents.

5. The seller retains ownership of the goods sold until full payment; consequently, it is prohibited for the buyer to dispose of the goods sold before paying all monies owing to the seller in full.

6. Payment must be made according to the invoice data at no cost to us, and within the stipulated time. Unless otherwise indicated, payment must be made in cleared funds without delay. Complaints do not suspend the payment obligations incumbent upon the buyer who waives the right to plea non-performance.

7. Any amount unpaid on its due date will automatically and without prior notice accrue interest at the rate of 12% per annum.
In addition, any amount unpaid on its due date will be increased automatically and without prior formal notice by a fixed and irrevocable contractual indemnity amounting to 15% of the outstanding balance with a minimum of 50 EUR, notwithstanding further claims for damages.

8. In case of defect in the goods sold, subject to written notification of the defect in respect of legal conditions, we guarantee over a period of two months after the sale, to replace the goods sold under the same conditions as the manufacturer, but we cannot be held liable to pay compensation of any sort whatsoever, except in case of fraud or gross negligence on our part.

9. This contract is subject to Bulgarian law. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Sofia.