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Bayer Animal Health is a global leader in animal health. The company supports the health of animals, as well as the farmers, veterinarians and pet owners that care for them through their offering of innovative therapies and solutions.
Responsible relationships between humans, pets, as well as farm animals mean taking care of their health and well-being. Bayer Animal Health has secured a leadership position in researching and developing products for animal health and pest control since 1919. Bayer Animal Health is well positioned on the market for fleas, ticks and mites killers for pets. Advantix and Advantage are the leading brands of flea products for dogs and cats. In addition Seresto, a new generation collar protecting dogs and cats for up to 8 months. Baycox is in the same way as Profender, the topical wormer. Finally, antibiotics Baytril and Veraflox, from now on, are the references to treat the serious infectious diseases.

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