About DietVet

DietVet is the European portal dedicated to pets' health and well-being.

Based on a coherent, holistic and preventive approach to health, which strengthens links between human health, animal health and environmental management, DietVet offers an extensive catalogue of animal health ranges and products.

Good health and well-being for pets is DietVet's chief priority. Healthy pets contribute to the emotional and psychological stability of a large part of the population.

Thanks to the active collaboration of many vets, DietVet makes over 25 years of veterinary experience available to Internet users and is thus able to meet all of pets' prevention, care and treatment needs.

Combining its veterinary expertise and experience with Internet technology, DietVet offers a practical and comprehensive web site designed to the highest technological standards. Thanks to the inclusion of many specific IT developments, DietVet enables you to find and purchase all of the necessary products for your pets' health and well-being.

DietVet regularly upgrades its web site and adds new services and products to its catalogue on a weekly and monthly basis.
The DietVet veterinary team and IT department are available seven days a week via Email at: info.en@dietvet.com

To contact DietVet quickly and easily, a contact form is also available: Contact DietVet

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